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As part of your registration for the 2024 course, you have access to the materials below until November 30, 2025.

Archive Videos

These lectures are no longer presented as part of the live course, but have been preserved here for your review.

Most of these lectures are eligible for CME and MOC credits; refer to the lecture descriptions on the Archive Lecture page for details.

Online Exams

Practice exams to test your knowledge! Our exams are hosted on a separate website and clicking the button below will open up a new browser tab.

Audio Reviews of Best Abstracts from the Top GI Meetings

These monthly audio selections come from a series called Practical Reviews in Gastroenterology which is published by Ebix/Oakstone. Dr. Steinberg is the coordinating editor of this series. These presentations summarize the best papers presented at national GI society meetings such as Digestive Diseases Week ( DDW), American College of Gastroenterology ( ACG), American Association of Liver Diseases ( AASLD) and the American Pancreatic Association ( APA).

Rectal Examination Demonstration by Dr. Satish Rao

This video by Dr. Satish Rao demonstrates how to meticulously perform a rectal examination in a patient with a suspected anorectal disorder.

2023 Products

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