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LKA Members

These are the products included with your purchase of the LKA study tools from the Steinberg Course.

Online Exams

Practice exams to test your knowledge! Our exams are hosted on a separate website and clicking the button below will open up a new browser tab.

2021 Downloadable Syllabus

Digital Syllabus for the 2021 Course.

LKA+ Members

If you opted to add these items to your purchase of the LKA study tools from the Steinberg Course, you can access them below. Please note if you did not add these to your LKA study tools purchase, you will not be able to access the content. If you would like to upgrade your access, please email us.

2021 Online Video

Lectures from the 2021 course. Includes Audience Response System answers from the live webcast as well as the Live Q&A Zoom Sessions with the 2021 faculty.

2021 Downloadable Audio

Listen to and/or download MP3 files of the 2021 lectures. There is a built in player on the page and a button to download the mp3 files directly.

Archived Lectures

These lectures are no longer presented as part of the live course, but have been preserved here for your review.

Most of these lectures are eligible for CME and MOC credits; refer to the lecture descriptions on the Archive Lecture page for details.