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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a discount offered to attend the course live or attend the course via the live webcast?
Yes, a discount is offered to Fellows, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.

Do you need to submit verification to receive the discount?
If you are registering as a fellow, you must submit a letter from your Program Director stating the status of your fellowship and the date of your graduation. You must be an active Fellow at the time of the Course.

How many CME Credits will I receive for attending the Course?
Please see the registration page for the current course for information on CME and MOC credits.

I attended the Course. How do I obtain my CME Credits?
All accreditation information is available on the Accreditation Page of this website. Please refer to that page for all questions concerning CME & MOC credits.

What is the cancellation policy if I cancel before the start of the course?
Space at the course is limited and offered on a first come, first serve basis. There are no refunds.

What is the cost of the course and how do I register for the course?
Please check the registration page for the current course to see pricing.

What is the deadline for registrations?
Registrations will be accepted right up until the start of the course or until registration is full for the live course. Registration for the webcast will remain open until the day before the course. Please check the registration page on this website to see if registration is still open for the live course.

Where and when is the Course located?
The 2020 Steinberg Board Review in Gastroenterology and Best Practices Course will be held from August 29th-30th, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner in Tysons, Virginia. The hotel's address is 7901 Tysons One Place, Tysons Corner, Virginia, United States, 22102. You can visit their website for more information (link will open in a new window).

What time does the course start?
The Course will begin at 8:00 AM on August 29th, 2020

Do I make my own travel arrangements?
Yes, you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements.

What are the closest airports to the hotel?
Ronald Regan National Airport and Dulles International Airport are the closest airports to the hotel.

How do I reserve a hotel room for my stay throughout the course?
Use this link:

Will meals be provided throughout the course?
The course provides all participants with a continental breakfast and breaks each day. You will be on your own for lunch and dinner; however there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance to the hotel.

How can I purchase materials from last year's course?
Please visit our online store at to purchase all materials from the most recent course as well as the online exam and archived lecture videos.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?
All products sold are online products. If paying via paypal or credit card, you will receive your Username and Password within 48-72 hours of placing your order. Username and Passwords are generated manually upon verification of purchase and may take 48-72 hours to be created. Orders are processed Monday - Friday 9am-5pm EST. Orders placed after 5pm EST during the week will not be processed until the next day. Orders placed after 5pm EST will be processed the following Monday. If paying by check, your Username and Password will be generated once your payment is received.

Can the online videos be viewed from any device?
The online materials are designed to be viewed from a desktop computer and are compatible with both MAC and PC operating systems. The online materials may be viewed on most mobile devices, but compatibility is not guaranteed.

What is the difference between the printed syllabus and the downloadable syllabus?
The printed syllabus is a printed format and in black and white. You will receive 2 binders of printed materials. The downloadable syllabus is all of those materials in PDF format, but in color. You can print it yourself, but it is quite large.

Will I receive CME Credits for purchasing the online video or audio of the Course? If so, how many?
Yes, you will be approved to obtain up to 39 hours of AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™ (this is subject to change). Refer to our Accreditation Page for full details on CME & MOC Credits.

Do I get access to the online practice exam if I purchase the online video or audio of the Course?
Yes, if you purchase any combination of the online video or audio of the course, you will receive a user name and password to obtain access to the online practice exam.

Will I get access to the online practice exam if I only purchase the syllabus?

When will the materials be available for purchase for this year’s course?
Materials will be available 2 weeks after the course.

Does the exam come with answers and are they complete answers?
Yes. Each question has a lengthy answer explaining why the correct choice is correct and the incorrect choices are incorrect

Can the questions be answered after each question or do you have to complete an exam to get all the answers at once?
Answers can be obtained after any question by pushing the button [Grade Exam] at the top of the page. However, all the questions to a particular exam will be answered at the same time when doing this. To eliminate the answers, push the button [Ungrade Exam] at the top of the page. The answers will disappear but your prior choices will not.
To eliminate the answers and your choices see the next question.

Can the exams be taken only once or many times?
As often as you wish. To eliminate your prior choices go to the beginning menu where the exam is chosen and click the link [Clear Answers].

How long will the exam be available?
The online practice exam will be available for one year from the date of purchase. If your access expires just prior to taking the boards, please email us to request an extension if you would like to continue taking the exams in preparation.

What is MP3?
It’s a digital audio file format. It can be on a computer hard drive, a CD-ROM or a USB flash drive and played through compatible software or hardware. An example of software that can play an mp3 would be Windows Media Player or iTunes. An example of hardware would be a CD-ROM drive or a home or car CD player that has the MP3 logo on it. Because MP3 files are small, they can easily be transferred across the Internet.

What is MP4?
It’s a digital video file format. It is used to stream video over the internet and for storing high quality video in various formats, primarily on hard drives, DVD-ROMs and USB flash drives. MP4 video is usually viewed via a computer or tablet* device over a web connection, but can be stored locally (on a computer’s hard drive) for viewing when not connected to the internet. MP4 offers various levels of compression, which means that you can achieve smaller file sizes with longer videos, but the smaller the file size, the lower the quality of video. This is useful when storage space is limited and/or you want to make streaming video available to people with varying internet connection speeds.
*Tablet compatibility is not guaranteed or implied. Varying standards regarding how tablet devices process video makes it impossible to guarantee playability.

Can I download the MP3 files?
Yes. There is a download link next to each lecture on the streaming audio player. You can download them to your computer. Downloading directly to your mobile device or tablet is not recommended.

Can I download the MP4 files?
No, we do not provide a means of downloading the video files.

Can I transfer the MP3 files to my iTunes?
Yes. The fine folks at Apple have provided instructions here:

Can I put the MP3 files on my iPhone?
Yes. And again, the fine folks at Apple have provided instructions:

I have an Android phone. Can I put the MP3 files on it?
Yes. Probably. Depends on the phone and the version of the Android operating system, but Google has provided instructions as well. Good luck!

Website Technical Questions

Error Message: Your Subscription Has Expired
Pretty self-explanatory; it's been one year since your purchase and your log-in credentials have expired. You will need to purchase the latest version of your product to regain access.

Error Message: Username Does Not Exist
Either you have not purchased a product, you have misspelled your username or password, or your username and password have not been issued yet. Please allow 48-72 hours for your credentials to be created (unless your purchase was on a Friday evening, then you may have to wait until Monday).

It has been more than 72 hours since my purchase and I haven't received a username and password.
Are you sure it hasn't been 71 1/2 hours? Just kidding. When we create usernames and passwords, an email is sent out from the website automatically. If you didn't receive it, either your email address was spelled incorrectly when you made the purchase or the email itself was caught by your spam filter. If you have strict spam filters in place, they can easily detect an automatically generated email. It's recommended you put "" on your safe senders list. We also send out a manual email from "", so add that to your safe list as well, please.

Can I watch the videos on my phone or tablet?
Yes. The videos are compatible with most mobile devices.

Video playback is slow and/or choppy
It's possible that your internet connection is slow. The videos on this website have been optimized for use on the web, but they are large files. Most of the lectures are an hour in length. A slow internet connection can prevent proper buffering, which is the amount of video 'pre-loaded' into your browser so that continuous playback is possible. The longer the video, the more buffering is required. This also requires space in your browser's cache, which stores temporary files. If the browser cache is full, this will prevent proper buffering of the video. Be sure to clear your browser's cache if you experience trouble with playback.

Some other causes of choppy playback are network-related. Some organizational networks intentionally limit video streaming capability. This is to prevent people from goofing off at work in most cases. Always check with your network administrator to make sure that this is not the case. If it is, see if it's possible to allow your workstation to access streaming video. Home wifi streaming issues are usually the result of someone else on the network using up bandwidth. A minimum 100 mb/s connection speed is recommended for smooth playback of the online videos. Also, if you're using a dual broadband router, connecting to the 5GHz side can bring faster speed, but it has much more limited range. Always make sure you have a solid connection to your home wifi router when viewing streaming content. The 2.4GHz connection may be slower, but has greater range. We never recommend public wifi as a means of reliably accessing these videos. Limits on bandwidth and overall slow speed of these shared networks will cause delays in the video stream. These videos are optimized for high speed internet due to the amount of detail contained in the slides.

Can I watch the videos on a mobile connection?
Yes, but unless you have unlimited data on your mobile plan, it's not recommended. The videos are lengthy and will easily devour several gigabytes of data. We are not responsible for costs associated with overage on your data plan.

Are the videos just the presenter talking or do they show the slides?
Most (not all) of the videos open with a shot of the presenter at the podium and then switch to the slides. You see the slides as they were presented while hearing the presenter speak.

Are the videos in HD?
Yes. All of the videos are presented in 1920x1080 High Definition.

Can I download the videos for offline viewing?
No. The videos are only available online.

These videos are very long. Can I make them play faster?
Yes. Playback speed control is available for each video. Keep in mind, though, that playing the videos back at a faster speed will result in an increased pitch in the presenter's voice, making it sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks are giving the lecture. It will also require more buffering and thus a faster connection.

What's the difference between the online audio and the online video?
The online audio is sound only. The only video is video AND sound.
*Yes, we've actually been asked this question.

Can I listen to the online audio on my phone or tablet?
Yes, the online audio can be streamed to a mobile device for playback in the car or on the go. Who needs music? This is much more entertaining, especially in stop and go traffic with the windows down. They're also great for listening to while you work out at the gym.

Can I download the audio files to my mobile device?
Sort of. Yes. Next each lecture in the audio player, there is a white down arrow. Hovering over this, you'll see the word "Download" appear. The recommended method is to download the MP3 files to your computer, then transfer them to your phone or tablet using iTunes (for Apple devices) or the iTunes equivalent for your particular device.

Will the audio files use up on my data?
Depends on your data plan. The audio files are MUCH smaller than the video files and won't use up any more data than if you were listening to internet radio. If you're worried about this, simply download the audio files and transfer them to your mobile device.

Are the audio files available as WAV files?
No. WAV files are very large and wouldn't be compatible with a lot of devices. They're also a 20th century format.

Why do I have to log in a second time to take the exams?
Because the exams are hosted on a separate website.

Why are the exams hosted on a separate website?
The exams use ASP programming, which only works on a Windows server. The primary website is hosted on an Apache Linux machine, the de facto standard for websites.

When I log in, it says "Not authorized to take any exams"
The database for the exam server sometimes drops permission levels. Send us an email and we can quickly and easily correct it. If you've previously taken exams, your scores will not be lost. It's also possible that your one-year subscription has expired. If that's the case (we'll be able to tell when we log in to the admin panel), you will need to purchase the exam again.

My username and password are not working on the exam website
The online exams are included with most, but not all purchases. Make sure your purchase included them. You may also have misspelled either the username or password.

I forgot my username and password
We can email them to the original email address on file. If you no longer have access to this email, you will need to provide proof of purchase.

To change your password on the main site (, first log in. Any page you go to after logging in has, at the bottom of the page, your log in status. It will show your log in name, your membership level, account status, when your account expires, and two links - one for logging out and another for editing your profile. Click the "Edit Profile" link. You can then enter your new password (you'll need to enter it twice) and then click "update" at the bottom of the screen.

To change your password on the exam website (, first log in to the exam site. At the top of the screen, hover over the "My Exams" link and select the "admin" option that appears. On the next screen, click "My User" and "My Password" on the screen that follows. You'll need to enter your current password, then your new password twice. Click "Change Password" and you're all set.

The main website and the exam site are two separate databases. When we create your credentials, we issue the same password for both sites. If you change the password for one of the sites, it DOES NOT affect the password on the other. You will need to follow the instructions above to change the password on each site.


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