Here’s what people are saying about the Steinberg LKA Study Tools!

After decades of cramming for the ABIM GI Maintenance of Certification, I suddenly faced the daunting task of preparing for the quarterly Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment exams. At first, I struggled to find a methodology, but then I began to listen to the Best Practices lectures in tandem with reading the syllabus a few hours weekly. As a result, my LKA quarterly performance scores have been consistently rising. I truly believe Dr. Steinberg’s LKA study package is an all-encompassing resource for the LKA.

Gerard Mullin, M.D.
Baltimore, Maryland

The information is helpful to remind me of recent guidelines especially on topics that I don’t handle on a daily basis (ie: EUS and ERCP stuff). I definitely prefer the LKA vs the 10 year exam. When I studied for the 10 year exam I didn’t have all the work responsibilities and children that I do now. I don’t have the time to study like I did in the past. The LKA also keeps me reading on a regular basis instead of letting things go for years (although there is always CME to do). I think you are doing great. Thank you!

Erika Grigg, M.D.
Kingsport, Tennessee

I have studied a lot with the LKA study plan! I was skeptical at first to do the LKA exams and stick with the single board exam, but this LKA exam series really motivates me to stay more current month by month, not just “cramming” for an exam. I think long-term memory will be much better. Your information has been extremely helpful in preparing!! Specifically, for treatment of alcoholic hepatitis, ESD vs EMR on large colon polyps, updates on colon surveillance, treatment of pancreatic cysts. The only improvement is looking forward to updates in the future. The LKA study plan is very comprehensive and has helped me so much in my clinical practice, just as much as on the exams.

Tom Shireman, M.D.
Kansas City, Missouri

The Steinberg LKA Study Tools have been helpful in studying for the LKA exams. In particular, some of the questions have a direct link to the material in the primer. I am very satisfied and do not see any need for improvements.

William Bauer, M.D.
Glens Falls, New York