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These board-type practice exams are free for course registrants and purchasers of the online video and audio of the course. Please contact us to get access to the exams. For others, (who are not registered for the course or are not purchasers of the enduring materials), you can purchase access to the exams

Please note that all sales of Online Exams Purchases are non-refundable.

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About the Exams

The questions and figures on these exams and image identifications have been provided by the faculties of the course, as well as, other interested clinicians. These individuals have no knowledge of the actual questions on the ABIM exam. For details about the structure of the board exam please visit the ABIM website at

The ABIM exam allows on average 2 minutes per question for answering ( i.e. a 60 question exam lasts 2 hours). We have structured our exams to be 15 questions, 30 questions and 60 questions to be taken in 30, 60 and 120 minute blocs of time.

As time goes on we may be adding future exam questions or image identification questions so please keep checking back periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Exams

  1. Do the exams come with answers and are they complete answers?
    Yes. Each question has a lengthy answer explaining why the correct choice is correct and the incorrect choices are incorrect.
  2. Can the questions be answered after each question or do you have to complete an exam to get all the answers at once?
    Answers can be obtained after any question by pushing the button [Grade Exam] at the top of the page. However, all the questions to a particular exam will be answered at the same time when doing this. To eliminate the answers, push the button [Ungrade Exam]at the top of the page. The answers will disappear but your prior choices will not.To eliminate the answers and your choices see the next question.
  3. Can the exams be taken only once or many times?
    As often as you wish. To eliminate your prior choices go to the beginning menu where the exam is chosen and click the link [Clear Answers].
  4. How long will the exams be available?
    Till December 1 of the year you subscribe. At that time your access to the exams will expire. However, if you need the exams longer than that, email us.

Copyright Notice

All questions and images are copyright © by Capital Academics and may not be used for any purpose except for practice on this website.

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